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Someone close to me is in the position where her parents and extended family found out, and she was really hurt by their reactions.

Thank you for doing this, and for being so kind and open.

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Have you seen any of the example images? I am not sure this censorship is in line with the censorship you are imagining.

It just cartoonizes outlines and blurs color some so that things don't look at gross. You still pretty clearly see the detail, as stated. Of course, the image I saw was the given lasagna example, but nothing was hidden except for the distinct color variations across surfaces.

Furthermore, they didn't produce this algorithm. They tested a number of existing ones and thought that this one had the potentially useful stated use.

Is it potentially useful? I don't really think so, but at the very least this team isn't advancing us towards a dystopian future.

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I wasn't going to ask about this, but I keep seeing reference to it. Why is it called a "dead name"? I understand wanting to have a fitting name, and getting a new one. Calling it a dead name seems resentful to me, though. People who get name changes for other reasons don't use that vernacular.

Sorry if this comes off as insensitive or anything else, I'm just genuinely curious, and have never heard the term before.

Edit: Thanks for the great answers, guys. I feel like a bit of an idiot, but I appreciate the help in broadening my horizons.

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My first exposure to the flat earth was a debate project. I would like to think that's true for most people, but last time I mentioned it I got downvoted to hell.

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I actually noticed that. I'm not sure I see the value in such a program for myself, but certainly it's obvious that this isn't censorship in the conventional understanding. Sorry you had to deal with us dummies, and thank you for your work. I do think many people can draw a lot of value for themselves with the plug-in, after noodling on it for a while. Nice job to you and your time.