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If you're in the middle of ongoing litigation over this, I sure hope you got the go-ahead from your lawyer to do this AMA.

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Legal actions live and die by how people tell their story, and in particular by how consistent it is. Doesn't mean the AMA is a bad idea, just that it's something you'd want to run by your attorney before you do it.

And from a legal perspective, doing the AMA almost certainly does nothing to improve the case, but there's that small chance that he says something that harms it. Just something that in a more formal setting, his lawyer would advise to not say, or only say a certain way.

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I generally just do copy-editing such as fixing 'and ands' or grammar mistakes. I never go back to check on my edits as I assumed no one would revert a grammar edit. Now you've got me wondering but I think I'm better off not checking.

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I don't believe the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case went to the supreme court.

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But the parts of your society that do these things are not a vast majority. It's a pretty small segment.