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What's your weekly food budget? Does Mr. Boss give you say $3,000 on Monday and tell you "Make delicious stuff this week"? Do you do all the food shopping, or does someone else take your lists and get the groceries?

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How did you get into making hats, of all things? Your work is stunning, and I'm curious what brought you into such a cool profession/hobby.

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Ditto with brisket. I remember when brisket was still about $1/lb. Then Food Network happened, with all the "brisket is a super cheap, really tasty cut of meat!" stuff. Welcome to the current $5.99/lb brisket prices. (or whatever they currently are - haven't looked in ages)

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Avocados are expensive, and guac takes forever to make. Not speaking as a Chipotle employee, just someone who really likes guac. It'll take me about ten minutes to put a bowl of guacamole together, and that's with two avocados, max. Now imagine how long it takes to dice and slice enough tomatoes, onion, avocado, etc for a restaurant.