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Greynudeblue4 karma

Hi I just started getting my profolio together as a freelance creative writer and artist. I’m overwhelmed with the fact I have nothing professional to put in my portfolio. I’ve had a few poems published, but I’m old school, I have 1000’s of writings and drawings by hand but barely any completed projects on pc. I just started learned how to use the apple pen for my art and all these freelance app startup videos are clogging my senses. I have so many questions, but I’ll start with just.. how do I begin with my work? Do I start posting it in my portfolio? Does it work that way? Do I scan all these drawings into my files? I feel like I have so much work but don’t know how to direct it. I am a beginner in this industry and there’s so many people with so many projects under there belt. How do I charge for my work? I worked hard on everything cause they were all made for myself or some emotional release. I’m sorry I’m all over the place , I should’ve kept up with all the new programs but I do everything by hand, how do I start to build my business?