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Williams Syndrome might actually be part of what makes dogs so friendly.

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Speaking of meditation, do any of you have any tips for that?

I feel like I want to learn how to meditate, but much like how frustrated I get from my physical body being seemingly incapable of simple Yoga, I get frustrated by my mind's ability to meditate.

And I'm a pretty chill dude even compared to people without ADHD. I can sit and wait for things without having to distract myself unlike what seems like everyone today. :P I don't even have internet on my phone. (Maybe that's for the best)

Honestly, I must admit, my inability to meditate is probably from lack of trying. I've just given up I think.

I try to watch ASMR though, I've found some triggers that are relaxing to me and that does help. But I've noticed that I have a hard time just listening to ASMR. I end up playing a game, or whatever when the whole point was to shut down my brain not activate it further.

I do the same with Netflix sometimes. I watch an episode and I guess because I feel a need to stimulate my brain I start playing some game as well. Eventually I realize I haven't really been following along with the show at all.

Anyways, got any tips for meditation?

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Studies have also shown that you have lower problem solving ability when tired. And sleeping on something can actually help provide a solution.

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Because the workflow is better than in GIMP and you can open and save in .PSD files.

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I couldn't sleep when I suddenly stopped which caused me to get into a psychosis (has happened before from lack of sleep with me).