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GrevenRache1 karma

Good afternoon Dr. Siegel!

Thank you so much for your efforts. I began vaping two years ago after three unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, and it has honestly changed my life. I can't imagine ever touching a cigarette again. I've been following your blog for a few months now, and it's been great seeing a public health professional taking an objective look at the facts, and looking for ways to curb youth nicotine addiction without harming adults who are trying to recover from addiction to combustibles.

Regarding the EVALI outbreak, are you aware of any studies or organizations that are accepting samples of vaping products (both nicotine and THC) for testing? I recall a website around the turn of the century called erowid.org that hosted sample testing for ecstasy and other drugs, in order to raise awareness of batches that might be tainted or unsafe. I've been wondering if something like that exists or is being considered for vaping products, whether for public use or simply to gather additional data to help pinpoint the cause or causes of EVALI. Thanks!