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GrendlerPL18 karma

Why you don't support <datalist> tag. Chrome does support it, EdgeHTML partially.

Is it not the part of Chromium code base?

GrendlerPL17 karma

Try this in Chrome and in EdgeCanary/Dev/Beta and you'll know what I mean:

        <input type="text" id="textinput" list="datalist_textinput">
        <datalist id="datalist_textinput">
            <option value="123456">Text description</option>

GrendlerPL11 karma

Also please let me and others know where we can report such issues for Chromium Edge. This bug has been reported to Edge Insider support weeks ago but their response was 'do post it on any forum, maybe someone will read'.

Normally we open issues with detailed repros and usually solution suggestion on GitHub (dotnet core, powershell core). For Edge there is no source code, but issue reporting procedure would be nice to have.

We're moving businesses using M365 to using new Edge so I suspect there will be more glitches to report when people use it on daily basis.

Keep up good work. Beta is really fast. I like it.

GrendlerPL5 karma

Did that. Result, after 2 days, as mentioned previously, was 'post it somewhere'.