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Does it at all feel weird to you guys that you're finally coming out of early access?

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Are there any features you wish you had been able to implement into KSP, or ones that you'd have done differently?

Are there any features, design choices, etc, that you really don't like that were made since your departure? What did you think of Making History as the game's first expansion pack?

Why wasn't planet modding a thing much earlier? We had parts modding support but it took until the Kopernicus plugin for planet modding to really take off.

Do you prefer Kerbal-related questions or would you rather have people ask about your new project?

Will BALSA be available for non-VR PCs, or VR systems other than Oculus?

And since it is "Ask Me Anything" I might as well go ahead and give the big question a go, with the understanding that it may not be answered: Just why did you leave Squad, and what did you think about working for them?

Do you need a Hype Train Driver?

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What do you guys think of the HypeTrain?