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Was it an bright sable from a Mid-Atlantic based owner with reddish hair within the last few years? Someone in my old breed club had a really nice guy who worked a lot better than your average Sheltie. I know she was switching to BCs since its so hard to find a Sheltie with good instincts and ability (I love the breed and I'm a 3rd gen Sheltie person but they're general farm dogs, not big field workers).

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I get that about range ewes, some accidentally got mixed into the practice flock and my very, very soft Sheltie did not have a good time [she was never going to be a working dog - but she had fun normally and gained confidence, all I can ask]

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Do you only compete in USBCHA trials or do you do AKC (I know, I know) or ABHA too?

I saw in the other comment you don't really work cattle, have you ever done ducks? Which kind of stock do you think is the most humbling to work with (it was a topic of conversation at the ASSA national specialty trial the other year)?