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How do you feel about the safety of using recreational drugs to induce creativity? Would you recommend it?

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You are a great person.

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There's a game where you fire a water gun at a target to get your horse to the other side before your opponents. Is there any rigging to this game? Or is it as simple as it looks?

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Assuming you saw this tweet, how did you feel about the overwhelming support from the Internet defending you and your work? As a second question, have you felt much adversity from individuals thinking this hobby is (wrongly) a waste of time? Thanks for the time in effort you’ve put in providing knowledge to millions of users.

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I find it quite incidental that I'm watching 'Idiocracy' while seeing this AMA. But, do you think humans are at their 'evolutionary peek.' As in, we cannot evolve any more as a human, but we could evolve into another species such as Neanderthals to Homo-sapiens.