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Guess you're in the right line of work... You didn't answer the question at all and completely deflected about something sounds related, but isn't relevant to the question... Do you support expanding the number of seats for the supreme court? How hard is it to say no you don't? Packing the court is by far the stupidest thing that could happen as it totally under undermines the legitimacy of the court. I mean what's going to happen when Republicans take back control? If you have any actual leadership abilities or independent thinking, you'd strongly condemn expanding the number of seats for the supreme court. It's a softball question.

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What it your opinion on expanding the number of seats for the supreme court and what do you think of Biden/Harris not answering that question?

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How's that's ten cents per post from Iran working out...

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Are you talking about clinical trials or drug availability? Something like Nivolumab should be easy to ask about (you need the right cell markers and a functional antigen presentation system for it to do anything). I'm sure the rest of Europe has clinical trials you can check out. Also, fruit isn't a substitute for medicine https://www.cancercenter.com/community/blog/2017/07/experts-warn-against-soursop-fruit-to-fight-cancer .

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Have you looked into genetic engineering treatments? In certain cases you may substantially benefit.