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Hi, Canadian here, or the country trying to ram this pipeline down your country's throat. Sorry about that, our Prime Minister is not a good person.

How successful are your campaigns down there? How is your public perception and portrayal going?

I ask because up here it's a complete disaster. Media outlets focus 100% on the disruption, damage, and delays caused by protests, and the message is being lost entirely.

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I can verify this phenomenon with my own terror. She doesn't even necessarily want attention while I'm in there (though that is often the case), but hell will freeze before I'm allowed to spend more than twenty seconds in there without her presence.

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Hey, thanks for doing this, but I fear it clouded the level of risk more than cleared it. "<1 in 1200-2000"? Was it one or zero?

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Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. If William Shakespeare, George Martin, and Mark Twain showed up to do author AMA's... well, I'd probably visit the Mark Twain one first, that was a bad example, but I'd stop here second!

Hugh (May I call you Hugh?), I can't thank you enough for the Wool series, and I can't bloody wait for Dust. I check your website out once or twice a week just to see if that progress bar has crawled any further toward completion. I've become a prophet of the Church of Howey, and have brought the word of The Order to many people! I've sat on a crowded subway and traveled fifteen stops past my station as I devoured the third book, vaguely aware that I'd gone too far, but too absorbed to glance up at the literal writing on the wall as I cruised through another station. I alarmed my girlfriend by sniffling and swiping at my eyes while reading in bed, desperately trying to maintain some macho facade in the face of a chest-bursting ache as I read about Solo.

I didn't think I really had any questions for you, but now that my half-awake ramblings have got this far, I do!

I downloaded a torrent of your Omnibus and Watch books, and have freely shared them with my friends and family. At least a dozen people have read them for free at my urging, and as far as I'm aware, the only people that have actually paid you for them are myself and one friend (Both of us retroactively after already having read them). Are we friends for introducing your work to a wider audience, or am I scum sucking up your hard work and barely seeing you get a pittance of what you deserve in return?

I yell at your characters a lot. I yelled at Bernard as his inflexibility hastened not only his own downfall, but that of those around him. I grit my teeth as I watched Jahns walk into traps that any politician in a real competitive climate would never have fallen for. I have a string of increasingly frantic text messages from my girlfriend who was reading at work, along the lines of "LUCAS NO. NO. LUCAS, DONT SAY IT. STOP. LUCAS YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!" How many of these tactical and strategic errors are you projecting on your characters, and how much of it is the natural limitation of an author? Juliette's poor engineering skills in her deep-dive repair operation make sense, but was she putting the ballast weights on the wrong points, or were you? It's easy to identify some, like Jimmy's deeply flawed logic paths, such as when he mentally berates the "overweight" woman he shoots, but others left me wondering!

I loved your books. I can't wait for more. I'm so glad that you chose to approach the career of writing like an attack, and I'm thrilled that likely means your volume of work will continue to grow quickly. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go start Molly Fyde, and pretend I'm not going to hit refresh on this every 30 seconds to see if I get an answer.

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This is an extremely misleading answer, and intentionally done that way. Three posts in, and I'm going to take everything in this IAMA as a grain of salt, presuming for more bias.