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Do you have any opportunities to visit the sites of previous polar explorers, specifically Scott's hut? Are you permitted to just get up and go outside whenever you feel like it? What kind of training did you receive prior to your stay?

Thanks for redditing.

EDIT: You can google-walk through Scott's Hut

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Happy Valentine's day.

Did you film any stone trading/stealing between amorus penguins?

Does the size of the stone matter?

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I think I'm in the minority when I disliked the visuals in Avatar.

you are not alone. The visuals in Pocahontas were far superior to Avatar.

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You understand true liberty more than most. The liberty to own a firearm and the liberty to define love are, at their core, the same thing...personal freedoms.

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I am a recovered paraplegic and if most of the damage is to your peripheral nerves, then you will likely obtain some level of recovery that may seem miraculous. If most of the damage is to your spinal cord, then you will face challenges that most people can never comprehend.