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It would definitely help where I'm from, Northern Ireland. The paramilitaries here are known to forcibly make you join them. You buy from them a few times and you begin to trust them. Then you go to buy off them for the fifth or so time and they charge you some ridiculously high price. Either you hand them the few hundred you brought to buy a gram of weed, you get your arms broken or you swear an oath and join them. From here on out you have to pay them anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand a month for having the privilege of being in a paramilitary. Then when they want you to riot or protest, you have to. Failure to pay your taxes or joining in a riot is a kneecapping or worse. Buy online would be so much safer than playing roulette with your dealers.

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There's nothing specifically just on their drug dealing but here is a documentary made a few months ago about one paramilitary, the UVF, and its criminality. And I've thought about that before too, a former paramilitary doing an AMA here.

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One day if a doctor is trying to get a heartbeat from you and they put the stethoscope on your left side and they can't find a heart beat you should look up slowly at them and say "I'm dead, wake up" or something of a similarly scary nature :P

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Well petty crime is low, it's quite safe for the average joe visiting, investment has returned, there are plenty of tourists, the Army has left and direct rule has ended. However inside the assembly things are quite rocky at the moment, there are bomb scares every week or so, there is a terrorist campaign which has risen in intensity over the last few years, people are still being shot every now and again, the economy is dire and from my own experience sectarianism and the attacks that stem from it are commonplace. From the outside looking in it seems that everything is fine, but dig beneath the surface and there are still plenty of problems. In saying that however the place is unrecognisable from 10, 15 years ago. Things have moved on considerably, but not totally.

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Will banning seal hunting not directly impact on many people lives since you would be taking away their source of income and livelihood? Plus I watched some of your seal hunt videos on youtube and the vast majority of seals were killed with the hakapik, which the WWF said of which: "Perception of the seal hunt seems to be based largely on emotion, and on visual images that are often difficult even for experienced observers to interpret with certainty. While a hakapik strike on the skull of a seal appears brutal, it is humane if it achieves rapid, irreversible loss of consciousness leading to death." Source: http://www.thesealfishery.com/files/IVWGReportAug2005.pdf