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Why does the Canton wheel need to be crowdfunded?

Why can't the city, county, state, feds, or corporate sponsors pay for it?

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While I'm sure the trash wheel makes the water look nicer because there isn't as much garbage floating on the top of it, aren't the real problems that make the harbor unswimmable sewage leaks, agricultural run off, and decades of industrial pollution?

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I don't understand why they actually have to remove features. Why can't they have their cool, less functional, minimalist UI, and hide all of the old settings and features in a menu somewhere?

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A little off topic for an AMA but, this is something I don’t understand about out sourcing…

“Hallandale Beach began outsourcing its lifeguards in 2003 as a money-saving measure. The city pays the company about $334,000 annually to provide four lifeguards and one supervisor at the beach year-round…”

“The job pays $8.25 an hour, the lifeguards said.”

5 (Employees) * 8 (hours per shift) * 5 (days per week) * 52 (weeks per year) = 10,400 hours

$334,000 / 10,400 hours = $32.12 per hour

Even if you do the math assuming they have four lifeguards and a supervisor always on duty, dusk to dawn (12 hours), seven days a week, it's still in the $20+ range.

How is it cheaper for the city to pay a private company $32 an hour versus just paying the life guards $8 an hour directly?

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If it's a matter of access, can't you just screen scrape their site?