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GrasponReality4 karma

My dad was in the signal corps during WWII. He went in in June of 1941 for what he thought would be a year of active duty... He didn't get out until August of 1946.

Officially he was a cryptographic training officer at Ft Monmouth. Whatever work he did was classified and took to his grave with him. While officially he had a desk job he had numerous service connected injuries. We have his military medical records and there are no treatment records for any of the service connected injuries he was discharged with. His service records were destroyed along with so many of the ones from WWII army vets. He would occasionally have terrible nightmares and late in life he had a stroke and started having waking flashbacks that were consistent with PTSD.

I tried making a request under the freedom of information act to the Department of the Army to see if it was possible to find any specific reports mentioning him but that was a year ago and I never got a response. Do you have any suggestions on how I could find out what he really did in the war?