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Granto8616 karma

Were there any serious inquiries into getting Daft Punk? If so, what was their official response?

Granto8610 karma

Do you take this as a sign that they may in fact tour at some point in 2014?

Granto865 karma

I'm going to the event in Kansas City today! What should I expect? How can I secretly identify myself to you?

Granto863 karma

That's my favorite restaurant! I'll definitely try and make it. I can't wait! I loved WOOL!

Granto861 karma

Hey Rob! Greetings from KC! Just wondering where are your favorite places to go out in Lawrence whenever you are there? Do you have a favorite bbq place? Sad you couldn't have hosted Late Night at the Phog this year! Hope to see you next year at the big slick though!