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Were you naturally good at voices or did you have to do some form of training?

Do you revisit voice training from time to time to keep up your skills?

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Thank you for this response! I certainly recognise a lot of the work you have done, particularly Skyrim and ESO.

One of the things you notice from that list is that you have a bit of range going on there, from characters with (slightly) higher pitch voices, to lower pitched voices.

I personally find high pitched voices really hard to maintain, while deeper voices quite easy (although too deep causes throat pain). What sort of things do you do to maintain the voice once you've got it? So prevent it from breaking, causing pain, etc?

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To be more blunt: if I wanted to engage in tax avoidance and bribery without the authority getting wind, which bank is best for me?

I.e. who is the worst of the worst?

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I am looking for a service that avoids particular entanglements with few reductions for the purposes of administrative revenue enhancements while ensuring that Bobby doesn't get wind of my operations. I should also mention that I have a strong desire to ensure that any sweeteners used, exclusively in a cuppa, naturally, and administrative charges paid should be obscure to any transpicuous-seeking individual. Given your recent expertise, if I need to reorganise my lucre through an appropriate agent, which would you recommend?

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Gives a rough overview. If you do get around to reading about it, it would be interesting to hear (see read) your thoughts.