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GraniteRambler48 karma

I was so glad when ya'll made the auto-updating playlist because for a while I was manually maintaining one myself. Seriously though, I love the music – I've seen multiple bands live after discovering their music through Marketplace. Keep up the great work!

GraniteRambler32 karma

Tinariwen has become one of my favorite bands to listen to in certain... "altered states" – and I got to see them live a couple months ago (it was awesome!).

I've also recently seen Electric Guest, Thundercat, Vulfpeck, and Bonobo (I know that these aren't exactly underground acts but damn am I glad ya'll put them on my radar)!

If I could recommend a band for your filler music, it would be the French electro-pop act Polo & Pan which I think totally fits what seems to be your collective taste over there at Marketplace.

GraniteRambler3 karma

Hey Molly and Kai, thanks for being here! Love the show.

My question is... What is Janet Yellen thinking right now?

On a more serious note – any general reactions to the growing popularity of socialism particularly among younger generations? Is this a temporary reactionary movement or does it harbor the potential for substantive reform to our system? What's still missing from the conversation?