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De Beers will sell lab-grown gems at a huge discount in an attempt to destroy the market for lab grown diamond jewelry.

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What were your undergrad studies? I went to a Jesuit university where some people took vows, but Philosophy major/minors were extremely common, studying those guys was standard, and didn’t seem to have the effect it had on you.

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I mean, it sounds degrading. I'm not into it at all. What are the specific names of these people? What websites do they upload this smut?

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To me, civilian service would have felt like I'm silently approving the system. In my opinion, conscription is not a very efficient way of maintaining an army and civilian service is just an extension of the same system.

Would you mind clarifying this? I assume your religious objection is not due to the inefficiency of conscription, but rather that war is against your religion regardless of whether the army in question is conscripted or professional.

It seems like civilian service is a reasonable alternative for religious objectors. The "system" is one which acknowledges the necessity of a military, but does not force individuals to engage in war if their religion prohibits it.

You've obviously put a lot of thought into this, I'm just not sure I follow. My dad was a CO back in the day, but there was no alternative civilian service option in my country.

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Your kids are never going to let you take them to India.