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Grandmere1334 karma

Hi Helen,

Do you approve of the actions of Dr Adrian Harrop on Twitter? I believe he is a friend of yours. I'm speaking in particular about the way he doxxes vulnerable women. He comes across as a misogynist who hates women and doesn't appear to be very stable. He also appears to enjoy wasting police time. Are these things you support him in doing?

What are your thoughts on this man?

Grandmere1326 karma

So it doesn't bother you that he doxxes vulnerable women? Seriously? You don't see that as a bit of a danger signal? This worries me because you're dealing with vulnerable people. If you can't recognise abusive behaviour in someone you consider to be a friend and colleague then how can you be trusted with vulnerable people?

Any decent person would immediately state that doxxing vulnerable women is an appalling thing to do. Because it is. Yet you don't choose to do this.

Are you really interested in helping trans people or are you looking to make a career in trans medicine and a very lucrative career at that? If women's safety means nothing to you, then I have to wonder.