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THAT WAS YOU?! Holy shit, that means I’ve heard you play roughly a million times. Your work on that was incredible.

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They were on a spelunking trip, then it rained a ton and turned the caves into an underwater labyrinth.

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If T-Rex were transported to Gotham with the ability to stop Joe Chill from murdering Bruce Wayne's parents, would he struggle with the moral dilemma of saving a couple people versus consigning the world to a Batman-less future?! Alternatively, if he saved Bruce's parents, would he take up the mantle himself?

SPOILER: You're amazing and I've read your comic for the last...ten-ish years I think? I always loved getting compliments on my "You've been turned into a whale" shirt.

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Thank you for answering! I got really excited when I saw that you were still around the AMA.

This fits into the Batman mythos disturbingly well. It means that there are timelines where it has already happened.

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I know the boys have been trained in at least some rudimentary diving techniques, but I also heard that some of the boys didn’t even know how to swim prior to this incident. Do you know what the plan is if they get too tired while underwater? Or if they panic?