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THAT WAS YOU?! Holy shit, that means I’ve heard you play roughly a million times. Your work on that was incredible.

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They were on a spelunking trip, then it rained a ton and turned the caves into an underwater labyrinth.

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I mean, I’m learning a lot from the thread that I didn’t know before.

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If T-Rex were transported to Gotham with the ability to stop Joe Chill from murdering Bruce Wayne's parents, would he struggle with the moral dilemma of saving a couple people versus consigning the world to a Batman-less future?! Alternatively, if he saved Bruce's parents, would he take up the mantle himself?

SPOILER: You're amazing and I've read your comic for the last...ten-ish years I think? I always loved getting compliments on my "You've been turned into a whale" shirt.

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Thank you for answering! I got really excited when I saw that you were still around the AMA.

This fits into the Batman mythos disturbingly well. It means that there are timelines where it has already happened.