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Grace10873 karma

I have worked for the federal govt for over 20 years.

I filed whistle blower paperwork in 2005 concerning MKULTRA and crimes that took place by govt employees in the Omaha sex ring that benefitted politicians. The sex ring perps were politicians who raped children. I was one of those children raped in the ring. I was also used in torture experiments in Project Paperclip's MKULTRA programs.

I grew up, sought treatment, healed and became a federal whistle blower.

In the years following my whistle blower paperwork, the federal govt broke all of the rules making me the bad guy. The Office of Special Counsel, CIA , Secret Service and FBI all took part in the breach of ethics. After these events, I contacted my state Senators because at the time I held out hope that the system of checks and balances was still in operation in our govt. I held out that others who took oaths of office to uphold our constitutiton existed. I found no one in our govt to obtain justice for the crimes. My experiences have shown me that there are no checks and balances in our govt.

I spent years contacting agencies within our govt both in the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. After failing there, I sought justice outside our govt in the International Criminal Courts.

I feel like Frodo in Mordor when he can no longer remember the shire.

Should I give up hope of ever finding justice?