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Gouper_da_Firetruck6 karma

If not carpentry or Fly-duty what other area of theatre would you do?

Also: you like Q2Q comics?

Gouper_da_Firetruck2 karma

Do you enjoy climbing?

Gouper_da_Firetruck1 karma

Broke my sternum once, can confirm, laughing, sneezing and coughing hurt like a b****

Gouper_da_Firetruck1 karma

Did you like or have you come to like Ostriches more?

Gouper_da_Firetruck1 karma

I enjoy being fooled by you Magicians and there is always that little thing in my head "How did he do that or learn that" because its well known you dont explain/reveal your tricks, then how do you learn, do you self teach or is there a mentor system?