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You trying to start a fight?

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They make two incisions on either side of the chest, then they put a crowbar through his chest (not actually a crowbar) and one doctor on either side, they lift on the bar that is inside the human to pull his chest up a bit. Then they insert the actual shaping bar, upside down, bend it a bit more, and then they turn it around inside him with another tool. Then they do the whole thing again with another bar. Just shoving bits of metal through this guy's chest cavity and torquing them around. No big deal. Surprisingly no real bleeding occurs, I assume because they're using a sort of cauterizing device to make the incisions.

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It's definitely a lot less delicate than I used to think. You might even go so far as to say it's not quite as... surgical.

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Not having read any further into this yet, is your premise the idea that these religions found religion by getting high?! Because that's hilarious.