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In fact we were quite surprised to see that the North Korean team played a skilled and structured game when we brought a full team of expats in March 2016. Our players had to fight hard to keep up!

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Hey thanks for that. There's much to discuss on that topic, I'll be sure to contribute! Do you have any experience with the country?

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Yeah in fact during our last event when we played with the men's team we saw the women starting a warm up session and then training hard. We later noticed they were also very excited about the idea to welcome a foreign team and exchange with them so for this second edition we try to mobilize more women! We even have a dedicated poster https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxDQRbPZO93IUXVpQWdoQW13eXM

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Yes, theres no major restriction forbidding it. However DPRK society is very conservative so hookups with hockey players aren't appropriate or too likely. Most foreigners who date local citizens are expats who spend a great deal of time in the country allowing more time for relationships to develop

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Yeah if you have a look to the pictures on our instagram for instance (https://www.instagram.com/hifriendshipleague/) you'll see that it wasn't that crowded. We had a decent amount of people including players relatives and friends and hockey fans. The women team was here too and they were in fact quite disappointed we did not bring a team of female players!