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Gordon-Ramsey-Snow90 karma

Are you aware of similar studies in other countries?

If yes, how does the US compare with other regions?

Do the types of sexual fantasies correlate with sexually conservative / liberal societies?

Gordon-Ramsey-Snow2 karma

I think it was actually hilarious! No outrage whatsoever.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people on Reddit call my country shithole, so I think there is no need to be self-righteous when the president uses the phrase.

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Would the law not apply to entering or changing and address in a build-in navigation system?

I know some cars block this function if you drive over certain speed, but other cars allow it.

Gordon-Ramsey-Snow-19 karma

Were you offended by our president allegedly talking about shithole countries?

Incoming downvotes! Just to clarify, do you downvote because you think he said it or did not say it?