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Thank you for your work on Deus Ex. The influence of your work will be everlasting on gaming.

What are your feelings towards engines such as current Unity3D and UDK that enables anyone to make games?

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Thanks for the kind words about Deus Ex. It freaks me out that people still talk about it and even play it fifteen years after it came out.

I still give it a play through once a year or two.

My feelings about the availability of engines democratizes game development in a way I find super exciting. The fact that they're free is just the cherry on the icing on the cake (or whatever that expression is).

I absolutely love Unity for that reason. Some software cost hundreds if not thousands, so when unity is free until you're successful it's really helpful.

In fact, the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy participants are happily working in Unity on the game they're making - The Calm Before

The Calm Before looks really neat and unique, will we be seeing a commercial release?

Thank you for your time and contributions.

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Shenmue is probably one of my favorite series besides Deus Ex. I just wish going back and playing them wasn't so.. painful. The load times on DC and Xbox are just terrible.

I would absolutely love an HD remake. Tighten up controls, better camera, quicker load times, increase graphics even. Shenmue is an example of a game that deserves a HD remastering. I'm fairly certain it would do well.