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Just because you said no this time, what guarantee can you give me that you won't do it next time when you have a bigger clientele?

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In your proof picture you have "KL" tattooed on your lower arm, is that from the Holocaust or from something else?

Thanks for doing this AMA! I have soo many questions it was hard to limit to one!

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I always thought Pandas were nice, I didn't know they were out for brains!

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Cue cards with questions on 1 side and answers on the other side helped me immensely.

I would keep flipping through and putting the cards I answered correctly off to the side and kept going through the ones I wasnt sure or confident in answering. Then every 4th or 5th time through I would put the right answered cards back in and repeat the process.

Not gonna lie, it worked for tests as long as I kept doing it 1 week before tests but once I stopped, about 90% of the information left my head.

This was how I got through a college program @32/33 years old

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Interesting stuff you're doing and a very interesting IAmA so far!!

Kind of a side step question from what you do but does involve brain/memories...

My mom died when I was 8 years old (1991) and I truly can't remember any memories with her and it breaks my heart. Is there any techniques/ways I can trigger or pull some deep forgotten memories from those first 8 years with her?