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I hear a lot of people say they but organic grass fed beef for the enviroment, how does that compare to beyond burger in terms of ghg emissions per calorie?

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Are you concerned with the message your game may be portraying to children? After all competition is the completest expression of the battle of all against all which rules in modern civil society. This battle, a battle for life, for existence, for everything, in case of need a battle of life and death, is fought not between the different classes (or shapes), but also between the individual members of these classes.

Also, why does eating a triangle turn you back into a square if you're a Pentagon?

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(urgent) Hypothetically, if my partner and I thought it would be kinky to engage in fellatio while her mouth is full hot sauce, but I started to regret it, how would your research indicate I stop the burning?

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however eating soy causes deforestation so these issues partially cancel out.

So would chicken, or even been be a better alternative?