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Hi Alfonzo. Thanks for doing this AMA. First off, I really love the shape of Infinity cars and that swoopy brush stroke shape.

I have two subjects that interest me and design enthusiasts all around. (I hope)

First, what do you think of this sport activity vehicle niche? Did Chris Bangle invent this at BMW with the x5 or was that just an outgrowth of the American market? It's really been a big change because even as recently as 2000, no one had ever heard of the concept of a "performance" SUV. The FX was really a leader in this segment too, of course.

My second question is about electrics: why don't you have any? Clearly your parent companies have a wealth of experience with electric cars, car sharing, and all the latest technology. Surely you have the technology to build a an excellent PIH or full electric to compete with the Model X, the Cayenne Hybrid and the XC90 hybrid. Why is Infinity still stuck on ICE?

Edit: FX

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That's amazing. You're right about the FX and that combination of strong and rounded. Loved that car. Thank you for this AMA.