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Have you ever thought of lobbying the cigarette manufactures to include an ashtray pocket on the cigarette packages? It seems such an easy solution to a problem I feel the manufactures should be more invested in.

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Thanks. This gives me a few things to research. Really helpful :)

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I hear you :)

I guess a follow up question would be. What kind of information am I entitled to as an end user in EU? As mentioned, most CoAs only show the THC levels. I guess because this is the cheapest test to do (vs full spectrum vs full spectrum and heavy metal analysis). And the aTHC only CoA seems mostly used to appease customers (authorities?) that the THC level is legal and thus fit for sale.

Are EU suppliers required to test for heavy metals seeing as this might be a health consideration*? I'm assuming all vegetable suppliers are required to do this in some form (soil analysis maybe?).

And, if suppliers are required to provide heavy metal analysis (and/or full spectrum) and a retailer isn't able/won't supply this information what recourse do end users have?

I guess I'm asking what the relevant EU authority is that I can report a suspects fraudulent seller to? And for what can I report them if I suspect so?

  • It's worth noting that CBD flower in the EU is now sold as a non consumable. Either as a souvenir, an aromatic item or some other. But it always states it's not for combustion or consumption. So I guess heavy metal analysis isn't relevant to health requirements.

Thanks for the help :)