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Statements like this make me wish our government put more resources towards eliminating Domestic poverty.

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Wow, he was there? If he is still alive, you should do an AMA with him! I would love to hear a first hand account of his experience. How did he survive? What did he witness? Did he have any contact with the foreigners living in Nanking at the time? I've read that a group of foreigners (some German) helped to shelter Chinese from the Japanese.

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How are these 3 individuals settling in their new home countries? How do they feel at their new freedoms? Are they overwhelmed by the secularism and blatant sexuality all around them? Is someone on hand to teach them how to live here, that they can ask questions, and mentor them? Is someone looking out for them to make sure no one takes advantage of them?

A friend of mine was a recent refugee from Afghanistan and came over with her extended family seeking asylum in 2005. A guy asked her on a date, and she went with him, thinking this is what American women do, this is how dating is done (according to movies she'd seen). Due to complete lack of experience, she didn't ask to meet him in a public place or get to know him before being alone in a car with him. He raped her. This sweet, naive girl had been in the country less than a month.