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I'd, personally, like to see less of the reality TV-style 'cuts right before something interesting happens' and such. The content is interesting enough without building fake drama. I could be wrong, but it seems like some of these are just habits being carried over from working on broadcast television (to appeal to a wider audience), that are not necessary to continue for their core fanbase on a medium like Netflix. I can see why some might enjoy the cringy stuff, but having so much of it is a real turn off for me, personally.

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Who needs kidneys when there's free drugs and "legal" prostitution?!

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I'll bet there's an app you could use that works like those vibrating blinking monstrosities some restaurants give out when you're waiting in line. So people can go about doing other shit and get notified by their smartphone when you're ready.

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"But, I can see you have free Spencers."

"I'm sorry sir, those Spencers are for parties of 4. It's peak Spencer hour and we are expecting larger parties. We'll call your name when your Spencer is ready."