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Please, call up the boys from Lonely Island and make this your next hit.

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Watching him on BBC is the most amazing thing ever. He still has his asshole moments, but very different than on American television. He rarely yells, he's always blunt, to the point, and just looking to really help the people that he's around and the art of cooking. It saddens me that Americans are more entertained by the show he puts on rather than the real deal.

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No, thank you. You are right, it's broadcast on BBC America over in the States however.

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I would absolutely love for you to give that advice to someone who later gets an assignment requiring a clearance. That would be fun.

The military weeds out a lot of potential great service memebers due to changing requirements. Honest ones in particular. Especially considering medical conditions - but the last thing I need from someone who is supposed to be fighting next to me is a medical condition that is either untreated or completely unknown - integrity or not. I'm sure his future NCO's wouldn't appreciate it too much either.

In regards to the issue in general, /u/Militarythrowaway111 , I would personally continue to pursue a legit entrance via waiver. The rest of the information is fairly accurate - waivers and a general lack of care further down the road. Although it only takes one person to take that information and make a serious deal out of it.