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I had a deaf girl in my driver's ed class in high school. The teacher was ancient (over 70) and had been teaching driver's ed for over 40 years. Anyway we're doing the chapter on what to do if you hear a siren coming. He starts talking about it, looks at the deaf girl, realizes he's been using the words "hear" and "listen" a lot... pauses for a minute, looks at her ASL translator, then continues using the exact same phrasing. I think he'd been teaching the same course so long that he didn't even know how to rephrase his lesson. After class he goes up to the deaf girl and says "Since you won't be able to hear the sirens, you'll just have to listen extra hard for them".

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I can't sue the company that produces it.

You can file a lawsuit against anyone for any reason. That doesn't mean you'll win, but the company would still have to pay their lawyers for the time they spend quashing you in court.

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Kosher is more than that though. Food is also considered not to be kosher if the workers involved in the production are unfairly treated, or if it involves excess cruelty to animals.