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First of all-- I'm a 20 year old Leukemia survivor who was diagnosed at 11 and had a bone marrow transplant at age 14. So if you have any questions about what that's like/what you could expect, ask me!

What's been your least favorite side effect of medication, treatments, or chemo?

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I think she's a wizard.

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Thanks for the response-- you are awesome! I'm still impressed every time I go back to your Just for Now video.

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Hi Imogen! What has been your most fulfilling project for you thus far in your career?

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If you go to the marrow registry website, you can follow the instructions there: http://marrow.org/Join/Join_Now/Join_Now.aspx

You make sure you meet their guidelines, fill out a form, and they'll send you a kit to swab your cheek. They can determine all they need to know about your bone marrow just from the swab--painless. You then send the completed kit back, and you're on the registry.

They basically have a database of prospective donor's bone marrow profiles on the registry, which they will use to find matches for people in need of transplants. The more people on the registry, the better chance that recipients will have the best match possible. If you're on the registry, there's definitely no guarantee you'll be called to be a donor-- but in the event that you're someone's best match they'll contact you, and you could save a life!

It's also worth noting that if the donor and patient both agree to it, recipient and donor contact information can be exchanged, and you could potentially meet one day if you choose. However until everything has been cleared, donor and receiver information are kept confidential on both sides.