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A year ago at the D.I.C.E. summit, you and J.J. Abrams mentioned you’re going to collaborate on some projects. I’m incredibly excited as a huge fan of both of you.

Bad Robot is going to make movies based on Valve games. Will the game you're working on feature Bad Robot’s property? (I’d love to see a new Lost game, especially if it was made by Valve.)

What is it that appeals to you in J.J. Abrams as a filmmaker?

EDIT: link to the keynote where they announced their collaboration

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How and why did you write the chant you sing after/during Yoda at concerts? I had a DVD with one of your concerts on it, and when I was a really tiny kid that was my favorite part, but have also always been fairly confused about its existence.

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Big fan, Michael. You played a role in Adventure Time not that long ago, a show which has been host to a few different Star Trek alumni. Can you tell us how you got involved in the show? Did Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, and LeVar Burton take parts on the show because they were following your lead?

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See, but, "to anyone" is a pretty bold claim to make. I listened before, I listen now. I love all of their music, but WWDBTSES is one of my all time favorite albums too.