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No real question I just wanted to say that before I saw your videos I didn't really care about slingshots and it was something I couldn't really identify with.

But when someone shows that much love and goodwill towards their hobby it has the power to pull outsiders in. I think it would be almost impossible to hate on your videos due to the sheer amount of charisma you employ.

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Do you feel like the company you work for deserves it's horrible reputation?

Would you walk around town wearing a shirt with an EA Logo on it?

Bonus: Would you consider burning the place to the ground? I bet you could kickstart your bail money and end up a millionaire.

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So do customers pay to use one specific machine for X amount of time then? Or is it you pay for time in the place and can play anything open while there?

Not quite understanding the business model.

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So how does the management software which tracks station time apply to a door free which charges individual persons for X amount of time?

I'm sorry but I still don't get it.

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Why can't you give a good estimate or even a real figure? Why dance around the question like a politician?