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It's the end of an era. :'(

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How are you these days?

I actually went to school with you. (I love the semi-anonymity of Reddit, but screw it, I'm Kate from Mr. Brown's club, back in the day.) First time commenting on a post of yours, but I upvote every time I come across one. It sounds like you've had quite the adventurous life! I'm proud of ya! :)

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This. If I'm to essentially offer a mini-clone of (parts of?) my own brain for experimentation, I'd want to be sure that tiny clone doesn't develop sentience. At that point, it wouldn't be "me" anymore, but a new, infant, brain-in-a-vat. That's too much, man.

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I love my divergent thinking! Because I observe and process things differently from most people, my first thought in response to any given moment isn't likely to be shared by whoever is around me. As a kid, that made me awkward and confusing.

As an adult, I get praise at work and with friends for being able to come up with creative ideas and solutions with ease. My weakness became my strength.

If someone offered to prune my neuronal connections in hopes to make me more "normal," I'd feel threatened to my very core! These extra connections make me who I am. "Different" doesn't mean "worse."

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That is so cool! Joejoe was such a cutie. I’m sorry he passed, but I’m glad you got to spend time with him while you could. Wish I could’ve met him! Also sorry I didn’t get you the critters you wanted from Florida. I’m back in NJ now too, but ah, c’est la vie.

Lemme know if you want to catch up at all. It’s probably tough, but I wouldn’t mind hearing more about the Sandy situation. Not being in the state at the time, it feels strange. Like a friend was in the hospital and I couldn’t visit them. I guess I feel a little guilty, but I’d love to hear more!