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I remember a study that explained that while violent video games didn't cause violence acts, there was some nuance that violent video games did increase aggression, but no more than consuming any other violent media. (The researcher commented that 'aggression' can be things as small as giving someone a cold shoulder)

Is that kind of statement remotely true?

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We have argentine ants in a townhouse. We used the Terro liquid ant baits to some success, but the little buggers keep appearing in different spots in the house. We keep a clean home, the ants are rarely getting anything, just seem to be scouting, but they send a lot of scouts.

My understanding of argentine ants is that their colonies can be massive -and killing off a few nests just give space for the greater colony to expand into after some time.

Should be keep using the Terro (sugar/borax) bait traps, or is there another consumer product you could recommend?

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Frequency, with the radio? Where the bad guy live-reacts to an injury he got 30 years ago all of a sudden?

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A deviled egg ideally, contains a minimum amount of mayonnaise, and a right proper helping of mustard and vinegar.

The big fight in my house is how the deviled eggs are garnished, if at all.

I submit, the best garnish for a deviled egg is a good dusting of Old Bay. Some people don't like Old Bay, and while those people are wrong in all respects, I am willing to provide alternative garnishes for deviled eggs. What would be your suggestion?

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Always loved some PT. Keep up the good work! My cat is absolutely glued to the screen when I play one of your videos.

Have you had any potentially near-miss accidents that have made you re-evaluate the scale of one of your projects?