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I remember a study that explained that while violent video games didn't cause violence acts, there was some nuance that violent video games did increase aggression, but no more than consuming any other violent media. (The researcher commented that 'aggression' can be things as small as giving someone a cold shoulder)

Is that kind of statement remotely true?

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Frequency, with the radio? Where the bad guy live-reacts to an injury he got 30 years ago all of a sudden?

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Thank you for what you do.

Is there a quality charity for sea turtles (and or other marine life) you would recommend donating to?

The news was mentioning there is a record number of sea turtle nests this year on Florida beaches. Is seems like good news. Is there a double-edged sword to this data, is it misleading?

If I find someone harassing a laying turtle on a beach, is it legal to physically stop them?

Do beach restoration projects help or hinder turtles ability to lay and hatch? (I assume those projects are done outside of nesting season)