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  1. Nintendo hasn't said anything. These are the current plans and plans can always change.
  2. They only said there won't be a Direct-style presentation. Nintendo still might release announcements and trailers on their own.
  3. You honestly think that Nintendo will have no games out for the remainder of 2020?!?!?!

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I sent my ballot in by mail, absentee. Unfortunately I have not been able to confirm that my ballot has been received due to New York State's lack of tracking absentee votes outside of New York City. How long before election day should I be worried?

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Any truth to the rumor that the Prince projection was originally supposed to be a hologram?

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I did, and they said that they have no record of counting it since they have thousands of ballots. I'm guessing they will be counting up until election day, my concern is that we get to election day and they still won't have counted it, and I will be SOL.