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Okay, so my understanding (which is likely wrong) is that this is basically a socially conscious crowd-sourced investment. Those exist in other verticals. Conceptually, it kinda works. But I can already invest in a solar ETF or an equity. And anyone can do that. And those are much lower risk than this pseudo-angel investment. So in order for it to work, there has to exist the possibility of a much higher return than those competing investment vehicles.

Can you model the returns for us, assuming a $1,000 investment?

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Thanks for the response! From an unbiased perspective, as someone with a similar background to you guys, I think this answer needs some work. I can explain how stocks or ETFs work to people, using a $1,000 investment as an example, without risking any sort of thorny legalese. A model is not a promise. But it's quintessentially important that the model can be easily described, and some ballpark numbers can be used.

Is this like a VC model, where I should expect a lot of failure with occasional giant returns?

Or is this more like an equity, where I should expect more consistent, smaller long term gains?

Reading through a few of your answers, it's troubling that the answer to those two questions isn't obvious.

I just think it needs a lot of buttoning up, especially since you're already fundraising. But I respect the concept at least at its core!

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IMO, the only way it works is for investors to approach it with the attitude people have on Kickstarter now. "I'm probably going to get fucked but it's cool and I can spare the $100"

Pardon the cynicism.

There's no question that this carries at least 100x more risk than an equity or ETF governed by the SEC. These investments will be black holes.