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Way to go!!! I joined the registry about 20 years ago. If I ever get called upon to donate I'd do it in a second and would consider it one of the most important things I'd done in my life. I hope you feel that way! Out of curiosity, what is your race/ethnicity? I know it is often hard for them to find matches for people who are considered minorities (at least in the US) and for people of a mixed race due to lack of donors.

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Ha - sorry! It would be even worse if she was a guy!

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Ditto this comment! If you are in the US your school must comply with ADA. Look into it and demand your rights! Your education is too impotent to take this lightly! If you go to the online forum on Narcolepsy Network's web page you can get a lot more info. on this. Accommodations your school should provide you with include a place and time to take needed naps, recording of classes, and extra time to take tests. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy without cateplexy in 2006. I am in my mid 40s but through narcolepsy sloppy groups and national Narcolepsy Network conferences I've gotten to know many young people with narcolepsy, at the elementary, high school, and college level and have learned a lot about dealing with narcolepsy in school through them. You are welcome to PM me about it if you want more information/places to get more information. Edit: narcolepsy support groups, not sloppy groups!

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It can take a while to figure out what medication and what dose works best for you. Hang in there! I started with Provigil, but it gave me horrible headaches. Then I tried Concerta for a few months before switching to Ritalin and Dexedrine. Narcolepsy Network's online forum has a whole section on medication if you are interested in reading about other people's experiences and asking them questions. But it really comes down to the fact that every person is different and there is going to be trial and error involved in finding what works best for you.