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GlytchMeister1 karma

You’re in a friendly cook-off with Jon Favreau.

What do you cook to win? What do you think he would make?

Also, have you ever come across a dish in pop culture that you REFUSE to make? If so, what?

GlytchMeister1 karma

I was kinda pushed by my dad into engineering, and I do have a very good aptitude for it, but every engineer I went and talked to worked mostly in an office.

I really want to avoid the kind of job Joe had before he was picked for the sacrifice in Joe Versus the Volcano (aka “wasting away at a desk under fluorescent lights that suck out your soul”), and I have always had a passion for nature and wildlife and whatnot - I grew up watching Steve Irwin... so I’d love a job along those lines, and yours sounds exactly like what I’m looking for at first glance.

What would help me have the best shot at landing a career like what yours seems to be - “out there” instead of in an office?