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GlydeBorealis30 karma

Hey Allen, I make nature documentaries in Monster Hunter World. I'm still relatively new at this so I'm curious to know, what is your background in cinematography? and what are some of the most important principles that you employ when making a trailer?

GlydeBorealis16 karma

Sure! here's a playlist of the one's I've done. I'm mostly self taught as well borrowing from the likes of planet Earth.

GlydeBorealis9 karma

Is there a maximum number of tickets you can get per week via deposit?

GlydeBorealis6 karma

Oh hey, I checked it was exactly 13 month ago haha. The one on the great Jagras was the very first video on my channel. I've since made two more, and I'm currently working one one right now (thanks quarantine xD). It's gonna be a much longer one, like the one I did for Kulve Taroth.

GlydeBorealis5 karma

Thanks =) Glad you like it!