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You should be concerned considering the company is about to go belly up...

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Has anyone ever pooped where they shouldn't have?

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What are your thoughts on AA and NA? Personally, as someone that has gone to rehab twice, it's a waste of time for the most part (in my experience). The last time I looked up statistics about either were a recovery rate of under 2%.

I wanted to relate to it to get better but I never could. I hate the whole, 'God' aspect of it and no matter how hard I try I can't buy into it.

How can they improve?

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This looks extremely helpful, thank you. I couldn't possibly care less that it's the satanic temple if it helps. I can tell you, a good amount of the meetings I go to are in churches. I had nothing to do with them, and I have nothing to do with the satanic temple, but if it works - I'll go for it.

Much appreciated.

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AA and NA meetings are not affiliated with any churches. I do want to make that clear.