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Yeah the jubilee line has suicide barriers. I don’t know if that’s actually what they’re called but it’s what they’re for. It’s a good idea just for general safety reasons but they’ve always disturbed me!

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I’m not sure if you can answer, but are antivirus packages for iPhones worth buying? I’ve heard they’re immune to hacking etc but I don’t believe anything is!

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Thank you for your answer! I think the problem here would be common sense, people get upset when foxes go down our rubbish bins and say things like they’re vermin etc when they’re just trying to feed their young. Plus I worry that people will treat the wolves like a tourist attraction!

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What a great job you have! I love wolves!

I have a question about the reintroduction of wolves back to the UK. We used to have them 500 years ago but they were hunted to extinction. I do think we could benefit from them from an ecological point of view (the reintroduction to Yellowstone and what they have done for the flora & fauna there is incredible!)

Whilst I’d love to see them back here, I would worry for them as we’re more urban and industrialised now than we were in medieval times. From a wildlife biologist point of view, do you think it would be a good idea for us?