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How much thought and planning did you put into it beforehand? Did you have a clean getaway car, pre selected route, etc? Did you scout banks and pick the best times? Or did you just decide to up and hit one?

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Thank you for the answers! Did you have a system set up to clean your money afterwards? And what did you do with it if you don't mind me asking? Just rent and stuff or more for pleasure? Also, I love the Duke's of Hazzard TV show!

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Haha clean your cars while cleaning your money! That's very RobinHood-ish! We had a debate in ethics class about the morality of giving to charity for the pleasure one received from giving and whether or not it's selfish. The general consensus was that even tho it may not be selfish to some it's still a good thing to do. Thanks for doing the AMA it's very interesting

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I guess that's where we differ. Ends justify the means sort of thing I guess. I would put murder in the bad category unless it was to do tremendous good or prevent further bad. But back to intentions, you can never say for sure what someone else intentions are for doing something, even if they tell you. They could lie or whatever. The only way to know would be to read a mind. So the only metric we can measure off is the outcome. It's all situational really.

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Well that was the spirit of the debate in essence. Do the intentions of the donation make a difference when the outcome is the same? I don't really believe so. But either way you decided to do bad, and an outcome of those actions were some good. So you may consider it feeding the ego but there was still a position outcome. Plus the only guys you really robbed were the insurance people, and really who likes those guys?