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What are some great easter eggs in your games that have or have never been found?

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This is really great advice, thanks AD!

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Hi Beto.

Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a supporter on your campaign because I believe in your platform. I'm especially motivated by your grassroots work, your interest in accountability and visibility (Town Hall of America is brilliant) and what you've been doing recently to change the terms on the gun debate.

I think it's important to consider what a candidate does for the rest of the Democratic Party. We can't just win the presidency, we need sweeping changes everywhere. I read this article that ranked you as the best presidential candidate for supporting local legislators and candidates.

My question - why is it important to YOU to boost local democratic candidates vs other work on the campaign trail?


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How long have you been kicking around the idea of Finest Girl (Bin Laden song)?

I noticed Andy you mentioned the idea in this Pitchfork interview a couple years ago, but wanted to hear if there was more to the story.

Can't wait for Popstar this week!